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Delta T Marine


Delta T Marine Insulating Coating is the ONLY insulating coating on the market to obtain ALL MAJOR MARINE certifications and approvals worldwide.

Delta T Marine Insulating Coating is a water-based, one part coating comprised of air filled ceramic and silica beads held in suspension by an acrylic binder. It applies like paint and is maintenance free providing thermal insulating and anti-condensation capabilities for shipboard construction.

Currently, Delta T Marine Insulating Coating is in use on over 650 marine vessels from Alaska to Antarctica. This coating has replaced most blanket and foam insulation products, resulting in substantial reduction of weight and keeping the vessel within the new stringent marine codes and classifications.

The coating employs the best water based coating technology and contains no harmful elements. Unlike other insulation methods, Delta T Marine Insulating Coating bonds directly to the substrate or primer, leaving no room for corrosion. Direct bonding gives the coating the ability to insulate your vessel without degradation of the substrate for many years to come. By using Delta T Marine coating system, you can rest assured that your vessel is protected and that the interior accommodations will be comfortable.

Users of Delta T Marine have found that the coating replaces most conventional insulation methods, yielding the same insulation capabilities, but costing dramatically less. Many vessel owners have saved up to 50% on total installed costs over conventional insulation. Best of all, the coating is extremely lightweight. This allows easy application around difficult areas such as stiffeners and tight areas without adding excess weight!

Since the coating applies rapidly, labor and construction time frame savings escalate dramatically by using Delta T Marine. This means that your normal thermal insulation methods can now be performed by in-house painting crews instead of using subcontractors. Your productivity will increase and allow you to give the customer a better product in a shorter time fram.

Another added benefit is the sound reduction of airborne structural noise. By using Delta T Marine your vessel automatically becomes quieter by reducing structural noise from 50-80%. Our product is capable of a 1-3 dB drop in airborne structural noise or a 28 SRC factor.

This innovative thermal insulation material is excellent for yachts and commercial vessels and has been proven across the world, from Alaska to Antarctica.

Benefits include:

  • DELTA-T is environmentally friendly, containing no toxic or hazardous substances or materials.
  • DELTA-T saves total installation time when compared to conventional insulator methods. No cutting, taping or special hangers. This frees up the vessel for other fabrication.
  • DELTA-T adheres to virtually any material and eliminates the potential for surface corrosion.
  • DELTA-T is a non-combustible, non-flammable thermal insulation.
  • DELTA-T is a one-part coating for surface insulation, personnel protection, and corrosion protection.
  • DELTA-T significantly reduces or eliminates the possibility of condensation.
  • DELTA-T is lightweight (5.2 pounds per gallon). Approx 0.07lbs/sq.ft DFT.
  • DELTA-T can be "touched up" after minor structural repairs.
  • DELTA-T can be used much like a high build primer (sand able).
  • DELTA -T contains no harmful chlorides.
  • DELTA-T is warranted for the vessel's life if applied as per our criteria!

Insulation: Delta T Marine Thermal Insulating Coating can be "built up" with successive coats to increase insulating capabilities. Each coat increases the insulating capacity. However, the first coat is the most effective. Each coat is approx. 20 mils in thickness dry.

Product Limitations

Apply at temperatures above 50 Deg F. If lower, heat substrate prior to application.

Surface must be clean and free of rust, grease, etc.

Surface must be completely dry before re-coat to insure insulating capabilities.

Higher temperature surfaces may expedite dry times. Low ambient temperatures require longer dry times.


Recommended Use for Delta T Marine

• Weather exposed surfaces
• Stiffeners
• Overheads
• Interiors
• Pipes
• Walls

Aluminum and stainless steel require no primer systems since the coating contains no chlorides. Steel requires primer systems prior to application of Delta T.

Delta T Marine is certified by all major marine approval agencies.

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